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Case Study


The Utah Tech Laboratories undertook an amazing initiative for B A S U® MagicTM. This project entailed creating an alternate mobile application in addition to a configuration setup for their eAlarm device.

Client's Background

Industry type: Mobile Technology

Key Products & Services: Emergency products

Geography of Operations: USA


The creator of EAlarmGPSTM, a ground-breaking, self-contained Smart Emergency Alarm system with a distinctive patent, is B A S U® MagicTM. GPS functionality and enhanced connectivity are integrated into this system. The business has been a major force in the eAlarm and safety device sectors for a number of years. They did, however, run into a situation where demand for their products outpaced their ability to produce them. In order to solve this, they looked for a mobile solution in place of their conventional eAlarm product, and Utah Tech Labs was given this significant project.


The team at Utah Tech Labs has established a unique configuration for their eAlarm gadget. To ensure heightened security, users are required to complete a comprehensive registration procedure. This involves setting up their devices in the system by inputting PIN codes and emergency contact details. The entire framework is supported by AWS, utilizing the Aurora database for backend operations. Subsequently, a sophisticated mobile app was created to complement this setup.

The features and functionalities

A great digital replacement for the well-known BASU eAlarm devices is now accessible, providing 24/7 peace of mind via your smartphone.

S.O.S activation

The app's S.O.S. triggering feature makes it possible to quickly establish connections with the nearest police stations and emergency services, guaranteeing prompt assistance.

Contacting family members

The app is made to automatically signal and notify up to five close friends or family members in an emergency, giving them immediate access to information.

Wide availability

With its universal accessibility, this app can be downloaded and used by an infinite number of users without being restricted by physical product manufacturing limitations.

Business Impact

The introduction of the new mobile application for BASU has effectively addressed their growing service demands. Additionally, the company has experienced enhancements in both functionality and security. This progress has solidified BASU's position as a preeminent entity in the field.

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