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Case Study


Customer’s need:

Introducing the Advanced Water Purification Monitoring System, an innovative approach to transforming how we guarantee pure and secure drinking water. As worries about water purity and chemical contaminants grow, having a sophisticated system for immediate monitoring and alerts is essential. This Advanced Water Purification Monitoring System represents the next generation in water filtration, enabling you to effortlessly protect your health and wellness.


The global market size for home water filter systems reached $11.48 billion in 2020 and it is projected to skyrocket at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9%, reaching a staggering market size of $24.11 billion by 2025. Just imagine the incredible potential and opportunities that lie within this booming industry.

In the United States, safe drinking water has become a mission critical project for both state and federal governments. Between 2017 and 2021, they allocated a budget of over $25 billion to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water. In 2022, the US government passed the infrastructure law with a budgeted funding of $50 billion for the EPA to tackle clean drinking water.

Incorporating Customers into Our Team:

We joined forces with our customers as a unified team, embarking on a cooperative venture to shape their product and understand market dynamics. Our customers voiced a need for a solution surpassing standard water filtration, encompassing instantaneous monitoring, alert systems, and smart data analytics.

In crafting a potent market entry strategy, we worked intimately with our customers to grasp their preferences and identify the most effective avenues for engagement. We pinpointed essential marketing messages, customer outreach methods, and pricing structures that aligned with their requirements. Utilizing their feedback, we devised an engaging strategy for launching their product, ensuring its unique selling points were clearly communicated.

Through ongoing dialogue with our customers, we formulated a product evolution roadmap. This plan was tailored to prioritize their needs while aligning with their strategic objectives, setting a definitive course for product development and enhancement.

We collaboratively set realistic timelines for the product’s development with our customers, fostering transparency and accountability. We evaluated aspects like technical challenges, resource allocation, and market trends to define feasible milestones. Our commitment to regular updates and cooperative efforts ensured that customer expectations were managed and they remained well-informed about progress and expected timelines.

Team composition

  • 1. Solution Architect: A senior expert in product knowledge, this individual played a crucial role in shaping the product's features. They collaborated with clients, drawing on market analysis, product-market compatibility, and strategic planning.
  • 2. Project Manager: Tasked with decomposing the project scope into feasible segments, this manager orchestrated the product development, testing, and delivery strategies, maintaining a close partnership with the client throughout the process.
  • 3. Hardware Engineer: In charge of the system's hardware framework, this engineer selected Bill of Materials (BOM), crafted the electrical design, and developed a mechanical prototype for the device casings.
  • 4. Embedded Software Engineer: Focused on coding the device for sensing activities, this engineer also facilitated communication between the cloud server and the mobile application.
  • 5. Application Developers: A team dedicated to crafting user-friendly applications for both Android and iOS platforms, tailored specifically for the product.
  • 6. Backend Engineer: This role involved constructing a cloud-based backend system, integrating it with the device and mobile application. Tasks included developing a merchant administrative panel and an order management system.
  • 7. DevOps Engineer: Responsible for establishing the infrastructure needed for seamless real-time communication, data handling, system training, and scalability management, including peak traffic handling.

Key challenge - subject matter expertise

The smart domestic water filter project faced several key challenges related to sensor calibration and accuracy, sensor integration, data analysis, connectivity and communication, and user experience. Addressing these challenges required a multidisciplinary approach, involving expertise in sensor technology, data analytics, networking, user interface design, and customer support. Overcoming these challenges ensured the successful implementation of a reliable and user-friendly smart domestic water filter system that enhanced water filter health monitoring and user satisfaction.

Development Phases of an Integrated Hardware and Software System

Our team dedicated efforts to four key segments:

1. Mini-Lab Mechanical Unit: This involved creating mechanisms for sensing differential pressure and flow.

2. IoT Module: The development here focused on the electro-mechanical interface, ensuring seamless data transfer, control operations, and consistent interaction with middleware (cloud) through API integrations.

3. Middleware Platform:We hosted this on the cloud, designed for IoT connectivity. It features training modules and an algorithm for inference, which operates both in batch and on-demand. Additionally, it incorporates a detailed administrative panel and an efficient order management system to enhance order processing and customer support services.

4. User-Friendly Mobile Application: Designed for end-users, this app notifies customers about filter status and includes a system for ordering new filters, offering options based on the best available price and stock availability.