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Case Study

Serverdetail > Aptive

A well-known American pest control company now has an inventive and easy-to-use software solution from Utah Tech Labs to manage and oversee their AWS server. As a result, hiring a dedicated system administrator or AWS specialist is no longer necessary. They have software that can manage cloud servers in every way.

Client's Background

Industry type: Pest control services

Key Products & Services: Pest execution at homes and yards

Geography of Operations: Across US

Number of Employees:


After years of steady expansion, the company moved its server to the Amazon cloud infrastructure because of its industry leadership in cloud computing. Their next goal was to combine human supervision with cutting-edge technology to manage different parts of an AWS server.

Monitoring the server's performance manually turned out to be a laborious procedure. Although setting up servers was simple, monitoring their performance, maintenance, and use was quite difficult. The server required extensive maintenance.

The business looked for a comprehensive and user-friendly server management and monitoring solution in response to these difficulties. The purpose of this tool was to lower operating costs and increase server scalability.


UTL conducted a conversation with the client to understand their need for a single platform to manage their cloud infrastructure. The client wanted an automated system that could optimize server usage and produce notifications based on real-time data analysis. As a result, we created an extensive and user-friendly software solution that includes the following features:

All-Inclusive Management Interface

A centralized, reliable platform for visualizing every facet of server performance is provided by this interface.

Design Intuition

Understanding server status doesn't require technical knowledge because each report includes easily understood comparative benchmark data.

Sensible Warning System

Notifications of important events are sent automatically by text message and email to pre-designated recipients.

Monitoring Expenses

With the help of ServerDetail, you can see every component that costs money on your server and make well-informed decisions about cutting costs.

Database Observation

Additionally, the tool makes it possible to monitor RDS performance, including any notable adjustments to database activity.

Cross-Platform Usability

Our service includes both an iOS application and web-based access for server monitoring, with alerts delivered through the web, SMS, and push notifications.

Business Impact

UTL significantly improved the company's operational capabilities by enabling automatic discovery of the entire infrastructure. This advancement provided comprehensive insight into the server network in a reduced timeframe. Our software facilitated effective monitoring, maintenance, optimization, and robust security for their server system.

The results included:

  • Automation led to substantial savings in time and finances.
  • Enhanced server security and scalability were maintained over its entire service life.
  • Regular push notifications ensured the system stayed current.
  • This allowed the company to concentrate on core activities for business development and expansion.

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