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Case Study

Amber alert GPS

We carefully worked to improve the tracking and battery life in order to provide outstanding value for Amber Alert GPS. Find out more information about this undertaking.

Client's Background

Industry type: Mobile Technology

Key Products & Services: Emergency products

Geography of Operations: USA


AmberAlert GPS is an American company that specializes in developing security solutions for people of all ages, with a special emphasis on kid safety. They needed to locate a company that could create original software that works well with their hardware and also create an application and portal that is easy to use for parents. Utah Tech Labs emerged in response to this need.


We worked closely together to improve battery efficiency and tracking accuracy, which greatly increased the value of AmberAlert GPS services. Continuous, real-time data sharing across multiple platforms is provided by our mobile solution. The state-of-the-art platform requires extraordinary technical know-how to function flawlessly with various mobile technologies.

The features and functionalities

Real-time Alerts

Instant alert notifications allow parents to always feel reassured about their child's safety, no matter where they are or how far away they are.

Precise Position Monitoring

For dependable navigation, this app uses very accurate mapping and is compatible with the newest GPS models.

Increased Capacity of Batteries

A single battery charge can last longer thanks to the app's efficient management and optimization of battery usage.

Business Impact

With the robust and kid-friendly Amber Alert GPS, active families can stay in touch with each other through voice features and tracking details that seamlessly integrate with an easy-to-use parent app and portal. Experts at Utah Tech Labs created this mobile solution, which combines GPS tracking, security, and communication into a single handy app.

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