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Case Study

Active Tags and Solutions

RFD assists customers in creating, acquiring, building, and deploying the ideal technological solutions that align with their business objectives.

Client's Background

Industry type: Transportation

Key Products & Services: Supply chain management, tracking

Geography of Operations: USA


The customer experienced trouble getting in touch with employees when they were working in the store and traveling. Their objectives were to increase productivity and boost client support. They went to Utah Tech Labs for a comprehensive solution.


RFD Solutions has developed a reputation for their inventive approach and comprehensive range of services, aimed at assisting an expanding list of clientele. Recognizing the critical need for consistent connectivity in various settings, the company crafted an extensive array of active RFID Nordic chips in 2010. These chips are now integral to several applications, including vehicle access and parking systems, monitoring and recording attendance of school staff, and tracking assets.

The features and functionalities

2.4 GHz ISM band

These devices have a coverage area of roughly 15 to 20 meters and operate in the 2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) frequency band.

Coin sized tags

They are powered entirely by coin cell batteries and are made to be extremely small—roughly the size of a coin.

Asset tracking

They are primarily utilized for asset tracking, but they also offer effective tracking solutions for other industry sectors.

Active RFTD

These RFIDs (radio frequency identification devices) are active and have a strong power supply.

Effect on the Market

The company has achieved notable success by launching a cutting-edge Active RFTD system into the market. According to their accounts, the industry has benefited greatly from these developments, as they have made it possible for them to track objects in a manner that far exceeds that of conventional passive RGID tags.

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