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Find everything that you must know, to get started with Service Cloud.

  • What is Service Cloud
  • Why Service Cloud
  • Key Features Of Service Cloud
  • Introduction To Case Management
  • Solution
  • Knowledge
  • Communities
  • Console
  • Live Agent
  • Service Cloud Data Model
  • Technical Features
  • Pricing Per User/Per Month

1. What is Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a customer support platform that gives your agents the power to deliver instant, easy services. Your customers can reach your team and start a conversation, from anywhere and on any device through phone, SMS, email, social media, online communities, in real-time web chat.

2. Why Service Cloud

Service Cloud allows your agents to help customers, anywhere, any time. This will keep your customer happy.

With this platform, you can embed customer support in your existing websites and mobile apps.

With social service as an essential functionality, agents can supervise customer’s needs and can respond to them on Facebook, Twitter, or any channel convenient for a customer.

3. Important/Key Features Of Service Cloud

The essential features to help your business achieve the above-discussed goals:

Lightning Console

This brings all agent experiences, customer information, and case histories to the dashboard, that maximizes agent productivity

Live Agent

This allows instant one to one connection between service agents and customers through the web and in real-time with also multilingual support. Easy and fast routing of chats to subject matter experts.

Mobile platform

Enables personalized service in any device, whenever, wherever.

Help Centre

This is for both customers and employees to help themselves to better engage and get a faster solution.

Knowledge base

With all information embedded in the agent console, agents can easily access and find answers. This enables faster support and closing of cases.

Reports and Dashboards

This has information about the number of cases created, resolved, time taken, and every history of cases. A dashboard offers visualization to track the progress and performances of the service team.

Service Wave Analytics

Allows a service manager to fast check an agent’s efficiency, channel optimization, and case management, from anywhere.


With SOS integration, agents can offer in-app guidance to customers during an SOS session through live agent video support, screen sharing, and on-screen annotation in any mobile app.

Social Customer Service

This allows your customer service team to offer case solutions across social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Omni Routing

Allows auto routing of cases, leads, or other works to an appropriate and the right agent which results into an efficient work distribution based on skillset, expertise, availability, and capacity to handle cases.

4. Introduction To Case Management

Salesforce Case Management is a Service Cloud functionality that allows agents to record, track, and resolve customer issues across sales, service, and support.

Cases are records that not just track customer issues, but offer a 360- degree knowledge about a customer. Whether the case had a reminder task, email communication or sharing of information, everything is saved on a case about a customer, so that any agent can access the records and assist.

Cases can also be customized to fit your business with the addition of unique case fields, edited page layouts, and defining case record types to get specific information for a certain service.

As resolving a case is also closing the case it will require the collaboration of many people across your company.

Case Feed

This helps everyone in your support team to collaborate and close a case fast. A case feed has a track of information about every case issue to history.

Case Teams

This enables you to predefine people and their roles in closing a case together.

As cases increase, your company will need a simple process to manage all the cases. Here, Service Cloud will help you with features that automatically perform actions and workflows and push cases to the right agent.


Helps to auto-create cases when an email is sent to your company’s email addresses and get displayed in an Email’s related list which has an email thread sent by your customer on a particular case.


Helps to auto-create a case when a support request comes from your company’s website. To enable this, you must do the following: Go to Setup → Build → Self-service → Web-to-case settings.

Escalation and Auto-Response

Auto-response rules are used to reassign and notify people when a case is not resolved within a specified time. Case escalation rules are to escalate cases automatically if not closed within a certain time.


Productivity tools like macros let your team automatically complete repetitive tasks on cases so that they don’t have to reinvent the service wheel every time a customer has a problem.

5. Solution

A solution is a detailed description of a customer issue and how it was resolved.

Solutions can be categorized into query types, to make a solution search easier and close the case faster. With this, an agent doesn’t have to create a new solution, every time to existing queries. This improves work productivity. Solutions don’t require any additional licenses.

6. Knowledge

A knowledge base where users can create, edit, and manage content. Knowledge articles have lots of information and this enables customers to visit a company’s website and search for solutions. Knowledge articles can be associated with a case before closing, unlike solutions.

Salesforce Knowledge requires a separate license to be purchased.

7. Communities

The Community feature allows a medium to collaborate with business partners, customers, distributors, resellers, and suppliers who are not part of your organization. They are generally people who are not your regular SFDC users, but you can provide them a channel to connect with your organization and access some data as well.

8. Console

The Service Cloud console brings information to one place. With a single screen, your team will have a 360-degree view of each customer and progress on every case. When someone searches in a console, they can find all the details related to the customer— their account, contact, products, and also customer’s question or feedback.

9. Live Agent

Features enables one-to-one customer interaction. Agents can provide quick enabling faster closing of cases. This increases agent productivity and real-time assistance which in turn improves customer satisfaction.

10. Service Cloud Data Model

All your customer support data remains in the cloud. A data model determines how the information you track is relevant for individual users.

It includes Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Solutions. It is designed to organize how you collect, categorize, store and display the data and allow your agents to support current, past, and future clients' requests for assistance with a product, service, and billing

11. What Do We Offer As Salesforce Sales Cloud Services?

  • Lead-Contact Account Management
  • Salesforce Identity
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Snap-Ins for Live Agent Chat
  • Knowledge
  • Work Order Management
  • Service Console
  • Customer Community
  • Chatter
  • Email Integration with Outlook
  • Email Templates
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Advanced Case Management
  • Customer Account Portal
  • Page Layouts
  • Asset Management
  • Service Contracts and Entitlements
  • Self-Service Community
  • Activity Feed
  • Data and File Storage
  • Orders Management
  • Omni-Channel Routing
  • Case Auto-Assignment
  • Service Analytics App
  • Product Tracking
  • Case Milestone Tracker
  • Custom Applications
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Offline Access
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Mobile Messaging (Live Message)
  • Case Escalation Rules and Queues
  • Web Services API
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Workflow and Approval Automation
  • Generate cases Through Web and Email
  • Task Management
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Snap-Ins for Live Video Chat
  • Case Email Auto-Response
  • Advanced Reporting Features
  • Mobile App
  • Goals, Training, And Rewards for Teams
  • Pricing Per User/Per Month

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  • Salesforce Professional

  • Lightning Professional

  • Lightning Enterprise

  • Lightning Unlimited

  • Case management
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Service Console app
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • yes
  • Telephony Integration
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Knowledge
  • - -
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Service contracts and entitlements
  • - -
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Web Services API
  • - -
  • - -
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 24/7 Support and Configuration Services
  • - -
  • - -
  • - -
  • Yes

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