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  • Multi-vendor Restaurant App

    For businesses who want to create a common online platform for restaurants to earn commissions/subscriptions through the deliver platform. We have a ready to be deployed solution for online booking and delivering of food through restaurants. Single restaurants can also use our solution for their booking automation.

    • Showcase the menu online and enable fast ordering of food online
    • With GPS enabled, we offer location advantage solutions to your customers.
    • Facilitate online table bookings with loyal customers.
    • With a personalized app, you can run promotional campaigns and increase your brand values.
    • Increase customer loyalty and better ROI.

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  • What We Have For You

    A digital ordering and reservation system for restaurants.

    • Accept online orders
      Receive free orders through SMS, email, push notifications, fax, app.
    • Mobile optimized
      With mobile configuration, it can be used in any kind of mobile device.
    • Reliable and fast
      Exclusively secured for online ordering and booking.
    • Customizable
      We offer a perfect solution to meet your needs and this can also be customized to suit your extras.
    • Unlimited restaurant listing
      Business owners can upload/allow the listing of endless restaurants.
    • Smart and secured checkout
      Winds come with easy and fast checkout keeping information secure, lowering online frauds.
    • Customize delivery areas
      You can offer better customer satisfaction with streamlining your processes to match orders with delivery locations.
    • Merchant dashboard
      With a simple, convenient, and intuitive dashboard, you can monitor every restaurant's operation in one place.
    • Admin dashboard
      This enables you to effectively manage everything from restaurants to customers, orders, and more.
    • Branch management
      With just one dashboard, you can manage multiple branches at different locations.
    • Social login
      With Facebook logins/ sign up for customers, you can be assured about their authenticity.
    • Push notifications
      Engage with your customers with targeted push notifications on their smartphones.
    • GPS integration
      Enable customers to locate restaurants easily and fast.
    • Real-time tracking
      Provides information about real-time arrival and views the progress of arrival.
    • Table booking
      Customers can book tables in advance by mentioning time and date.
    • Commission system
      Allows us to review commissions on every order.
    • Multilingual script
      Allows us to add more than one language in the admin panel.
    • Twilio calling integrations
      Enables users to place an order through voice to the restaurant's phone number.

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  • Essential Features of Multi-vendor Restaurant App

    We provide a fully customized solution for your restaurant business needs.

    • Find by Location and Menu Item
    • Fully Customizable
    • Easy & Unlimited Menu Builder
    • Ordering Options
    • Security & Online Payment Integration
    • Manage Invoices/ Commissions

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  • Why To Choose Us ?

    Reasons that set us apart from competitors.

    • A team of experts
      Our team of all-star performers is the core in our journey as a start-up to become a leading business solution provider company.
    • We are multidisciplinary
      UTL design a wide array of innovative solutions to help grow your business.
    • Proven track record
      We are a company with a proven track record.

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